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Project and Contact Management online, Enterprise Collaboration Software

Bluestra is a modern and most intelligent solution to manage your projects and contacts in an easiest and most efficient way. It's been built by combining best features you can find in other solutions plus designing the new ones that you will be amazed with. The application workflow has been designed to automate your day-to-day tasks the way you work not the way the application want you to work.


Bluestra has simplest ever user experience, including an intuitive interface and great tasks automation so you can focus only on get your projects done the right way and manage your company data in time saving manner. By using Bluestra you can work out your own way of managing your company processes, in the best and most convenient way that works for you and your staff.

Bluestra is an online and a fully hosted solution with 24/7 access so you don't need to worrry about installation, backups or upgrades. We deal with all of that while you are focused on getting your projects done. Your data is secured and safely stored on our servers.

Bluestra can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Manage your projects, contacts, tasks, events, documents, calendar and your clients data online from any computer, mobile or tablet devices.


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